Midnight in Magic Kingdom

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I told you guys about my trip to Pandora and mentioned that we went to Magic Kingdom later in the day but I have yet to catch you up on what happened...

The day became rainy and full of thunderstorms rather quickly and so we decided we got to experience most of Animal Kingdom, it was time to head on over to Magic.

We drove to the Transportation and Ticket Center and took the Monorail to Magic Kingdom. It was still raining but nowhere near as bad as it was when we were at Animal Kingdom. Our first stop was Thunder Mountain, it had been quite a few years since I got to ride Thunder Mountain and I have always wanted to know what it was like in the rain. (Spoiler Alert: It was great)! Shortly after we went to ride the Haunted Mansion to get away from the downpour a bit and grabbed a quick bite to eat at Columbia Harbour House. We ordered from the Kid's Meal section so it wasn't anything too extravagant, but I must say, the mac and cheese was delicious.

We had a Fastpass for Space Mountain so we made our way toward Tomorrowland to get ready for our ride on a spaceship. I always forget just how fast Space Mountain is and every time I get to ride it, I am reminded of how much I enjoy it. (I will definitely be riding it again on my next trip to Magic Kingdom). After our journey on Space Mountain it was decided we had waited long enough, it was time to get ourselves some Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches! A must-have on any trip to Walt Disney World, highly recommend either the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich or the Mickey Premium Bar.

Once we finished our ice cream we head on over to Main Street's Emporium and bought some new Minnie Ears, some pins, and a very comfy Walt Disney World Sweatshirt. By the time we were done shopping, it was time for the fireworks, Happily Ever After and the night-time show Once Upon A Time. It was my first visit to Magic Kingdom since the rolling out of this new show, I am proud to say I was singing along and crying throughout the entire viewing.

At the end of the show we ran over to Space Mountain once more while the lines were short and rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for the first time as well. It is a fairly short ride and probably not worth its usual two-hour long wait time, but if you can get a Fastpass or don't mind waiting during their less crowded times it is definitely a fun ride.

After the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train we were quickly approaching midnight so we had to decide on our last ride of the night. Since we were close to Tomorrowland we chose Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin with a whopping wait time of 10 minutes. I will spare myself the embarrassment and keep my score to myself but I can definitely say it is an enjoyable ride and it definitely got me pumped for the upcoming  Toy Story Land opening.

As we made our way out the exit we took a quick detour toward the castle to admire the light show, Kiss Goodnight, they put on every night when the parks closing time has come. There is nothing more magical than being in front of that castle as the lights change colors and Mickey Mouse says his farewell message to all of the guests.

I was a little saddened that midnight came so soon, but I know that I will get the chance to do it again and it will be just as magical each time.

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