Holiday Hotel Hopping

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Disney Resorts are beautifully themed throughout the entire year, but during the holiday season (any holiday) there is a special decor that must be updated. When the opportunity to visit Disney World during the winter arose, I was jumping for joy. I immediately made a list of where I wanted to go.

It was a one day trip so I had to make the best of it. We arrived at Orlando around 10 in the morning, the plan was to visit all of the resorts at the monorail stops. We stopped by the Polynesian Resort to enjoy the "Lilo & Stitch"-esque environment. Because of the typical decor there isn't too much holiday cheer, but the tree was positioned in perfect view of the entrance, lights twinkling.

After the Polynesian came the Grand Floridian Resort (my personal favorite) The trees on the upper floor of the monorail entrance were stunning, the gift shops were decorated with all things Mickey and Minnie ready for Christmas. All around us was red and green and gold, welcoming us like a cinnamon scented hug. We went down to the lobby to find a massive, beautifully decorated tree and a functioning gingerbread house that included a small kitchen where they would sell coffee for guests. This was the cherry on top of a magical Christmas sundae.

And lastly, we stopped at the Contemporary Resort (home of Chef Mickeys). There was no elaborate Christmas tree or livable gingerbread house, but there was a beautiful display of Cinderella's castle made of chocolate. The Contemporary was a perfect, humbling close of a fantastic day of hotel hopping before stopping by Magic Kingdom.

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